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Back to School News

School starts at 8:00am; students should be in their classrooms at this time.  Here are a few reminders to get the first day off on the right foot.


1.  Bus Riders:  We encourage you to send your child to school by bus if at all possible.  Busses will be unloading in a different location to improve traffic flow.  Bus riders will have the choice between going to the cafeteria to eat breakfast and visit with friends, or to go to the gym to play games.  If you have an AM bus rider, please talk with your child about whether they should be eating breakfast at school.

2.  Drop Off:  If you are planning to drop your child off, please pull all the way forward into the yellow zone.  There is enough space in the new yellow zone to unload 3 cars at a time.  Pulling all the way forward prevents traffic from backing up onto Redland Rd.  If you drop your child off prior to 7:45, they need to enter the cafeteria.

3.  Walk to Class:  We understand that parents of our youngest or newest students may wish to walk their child to class.  You will need to park along the sections at the top of the driveway.  Please follow the directions of staff members in the parking lot so you can learn the traffic pattern.  Families need to wait until 7:45 to go down to the classrooms.

4.  PM Dismissal:  Please be sure that your child AND your child's teacher know the plan for getting home on the first day.  Encourage your child to learn their Bus ROUTE Number.  Many of the bus stops for our students are new each year and our bus drivers are working hard to learn them all.  Busses will run late the first week; please be patient!  Check the transportation website often for updates to your child's bus route - http://ocsd62.org/find-your-bus-route  (If you live less than a mile from the school, you will need to call the school office.)

5.  Lunches: MealTime online provides the opportunity for you to make credit card and debit card deposits into your student's cafeteria account and view your student's purchase history. Check here for  more information https://ocsd62.org/mealtime


We are looking forward to a wonderful year.  Please don't hesitate to call the school office at any time with questions:  503.785.8500