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Growth Mindset

At school we are continuing to focus on helping our students develop a Growth Mindset.  One of the important concepts of a Growth Mindset is to see mistakes and failures as opportunities for learning and improvement.  Adults can support development of a Growth Mindset by responding purposefully when a child faces a roadblock.  For example, try saying:

  • Is there a different strategy you could try?
  • Will practicing (insert specific skill) help you get the hang of it?
  • This is a great opportunity for you to learn about (insert specific skill/concept)!
  • What did you do last time that helped you be successful?
  • What a great challenge!  What would happen if we (insert suggestion)?
  • Who do you know who could help you with this?

To develop a Growth Mindset, it is important that students learn to persist through mistakes and challenges.  In addition to praising a student’s effort, it’s important that adults also praise the process.  Focusing on the strategies students use allows them to develop the skills to be successful the next time they are faced with a similar challenge.  There are many resources available on-line to help parents develop a Growth Mindset in their child.