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Student Handbook

Student Handbook:


Arrival & Dismissal Procedures:  Student safety is our top concern.  This is particularly true during arrival and dismissal times.


  • Supervision for students begins at 7:30.  Students may NOT arrive at school before 7:30 a.m.  
  • Students will be dismissed from the cafeteria to head to class beginning at 7:45am.  Students arriving after 8:00am will be marked tardy.  
  • If you drop your child off at school, please do so prior to 7:55am so that students have time to walk to class without being marked tardy.  
  • Please have students load/unload in the yellow zone outside the cafeteria.  To avoid having traffic back up onto Redland Rd, please pull all the way to the front of the yellow zone so multiple cars can unload at once.  


  • All students will be sent home by bus unless otherwise indicated by the parent.  If your child's normal transportation plan is to be picked up or go to After the Bell, please inform the office staff in writing at the beginning of the year.
  • Students will NOT be allowed to deviate from their regular transportation plan without a blue slip from the office.  Students should present a permission note, signed by the parent, to the school office for approval.  Alternatively, a parent may call the School Office at 503.785.8500 PRIOR TO 1:45 PM (12:45 on Wed) and we will send a note to the teacher notifiying them of the change.
  • If you arrive at dismissal time and wish to have your child removed from the bus, please go to the office so that we can verify your ID.  The office will radio the staff on duty to locate your child for you.
  • Arrangements for playdate or to go home with friends must be made outside of school time.  Students will not be allowed to use the phone to obtain permission to go to a friend's house.

Parents or guardians need to sign a student out in the office before checking them out for the day.  Office staff may ask for ID to verify the adult has permission to remove the student from campus.  Children who are returning to school from an appointment or who are arriving late are required to check in at the office before they return to class.


Attendance:  Regular attendance in school is a critical factor in students' success in learning, developing friendships, and making progress toward graduation.  Research has shown that Oregon Kindergarteners and 1st graders with poor attendance only have an 17% chance of reading on grade level in 3rd grade!  

Parents may be unaware of the laws requiring school attendance, or the potential legal consequences if a child is excessively absent from school.  Attendance at school is not only important, it is also a state law.  Oregon City School District considers a student to be "Habitutally Absent" when their overall attendance rate for the year falls below 92% (including both excused AND unexcused absences).  Parents will receive a letter notifying them when their student has a pattern of irregular attendance.

If your child cannot attend school for any reason, please call the school (503-785-8500) by 8:20 a.m. to notify us of your child's absence.  For student safety an automated phone call will go out to parents at 8:45am to notify them of any unreported student absence.

Excused Absences:

  • Illness or injury of the student (fever, vomiting, diarrea, or undiagnosed rash)
  • Severe illness or death in the family
  • Family emergency
  • Medical or dental appointment
  • Religious observances in the student's faith


Bus Expectations:  Bus routes for each school year are finalized the week prior to the start of school and are revised throughout the first few weeks of school.  If you have questions about your child’s bus route or time, please check the district website (www.ocsd62.org) or call transportation at 503.785.8540.  Students should be at their bus stop at least five minutes prior to the stated time.  Please note that in the afternoon kindergarteners must be met at the bus stop by an adult.  If no adult is present, the kinder student will not be allowed to disembark the bus and will be transported back to school at the completion of the route.  It will be the parent’s responsibility to pick him/her up from school.

Students are expected to demonstrate safe, respectful, and responsible behavior while riding on the bus and waiting at bus stops.  Students must remain seated at all times, with arms and legs out of the aisles and inside the windows.  Students should talk in a quiet tone of voice; vulgar language is prohibited.  Students must follow the directions of the driver at all times, including where to sit and when to cross the road.  Studnets who do not meet these expectations will have a conference with the bus driver.  Additional violations will result in a bus conduct report.  After three bus conduct reports, the student may be suspended from riding the bus.


Cafeteria / Meals:  Our cafeteria serves a carefully planned and nutritious breakfast and lunch. There are several menu choices available daily.  Students who bring a lunch from home are able to purchase milk if they wish.  

Our school meal program is automated and each child has their own account.  Lunch money (cash or check) can be added onto the child's account before school in the cafeteria or in the school office.  Parents may also deposit money online at http://ocsd62.org/mealtime  with a credit card for a small fee. Students pay for their meals with a finger scan. If you prefer your child use a card instead, please contact Nutrition Services at 503.785.8779. 

Parents who have completed a background check are always welcome to eat at school with their child.  Adult meal tickets can be purchased in the school office.

We try to maintain an atmosphere of respect in our cafeteria where students can socialize with friends sitting at their table.  Adults are on duty to help maintain a positive and respectful atmosphere during breakfast and lunch.


Cell Phone Policy:  We appreciate that parents may prefer for their students to carry a cell phone.  In accordance with the Oregon City School District Code of Conduct, elementary school students must keep cell phones powered off and stored in their backpacks while on campus.  Students may not keep phones in their pockets or on vibrate/silence.  This is also true of iPods, etc.  Students may not use phones or other devices to take photos while on school property, including school busses.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen devices.


Classroom Parties:  Each classroom has two special celebrations each year, the timing of which will be determined by the teacher.  Parents who wish to send treats to celebrate a child's birthday should follow these guidelines:

  • Delivery of treats should be pre-arranged with each classroom teacher. 
  • No home-made foods are allowed due to County Health Department regulations.
  • Please refer to the District Wellness Policy when selecting treats. 
  • In lieu of treats, families may opt to donate a special book to the classroom library in their child’s honor.


Discipline & Student Behavior:  Students in Oregon City School District are expected to follow three rules:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible

All specific behavior expectations are an extension of those three basic rules and are explicitly taught to students.  Students receive "Pawsitives" to acknowledge desirable behaviors.  Students are recognized in their classroom and school-wide with our weekly Wonderful Wildcat Wednesday drawing.  

At Redland Elementary School we want students to take responsibility for their behaviors and learn how their choices impact their learning or the learning of others.  We use a strategy called REFOCUS to help accomplish this goal.  When a student’s behavior is interrupting teaching or learning in their classroom, a staff member will use positive language to prompt him/her to correct the behavior.  If the student does not correct the behavior, he/she will be asked to REFOCUS.  This means that the student will complete a form to reflect on their behavior and make a positive plan for the future before returning to the group.  Meanwhile, learning continues for everyone else.  It is important to know that going to REFOCUS does NOT mean the student is in trouble.  REFOCUS is not punitive.  All students are learning and growing; at Redland Elementary we provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their decisions and create a plan for next time.  

When minor behavior incidents occur, we aim to support students in making appropriate choices at school by using natural and logical consequences.  A conference with a staff member, peer mediation, and making amends are common ways of holding students accountable for their behavior.  If these strategies are not effective, loss of a privilege or time in the office may be used.  School staff may track minor behaviors over time in order to identify patterns which we can address together to support a student's behavioral success.

A student will receive a Major Behavior Referral in the event a serious behavior occurs.  These referral forms are a way for the school to communicate to the parent problems their child is having at school and what action is being taken to help the student correct their behavior.  Typically a phone call from the student, teacher, or principal accompanies this referral.  Communication between home and school is important in working together to help students learn to make better choices and to determine whether or not more severe disciplinary action should be taken.

Behaviors that most often lead to Major Behavior Referrals are:

  1. Fighting or injurying others.
  2. Intimidation or threats.
  3. Profanity, Harassment, or rude remarks / gestures.
  4. Defiance or non-compliance with staff members.
  5. Theft or vandalism
  6. Signification disruption of the learning environment.

In addition to the strategies described above, a suspension (in-school or out-of-school) may be required for more serious behaviors.  Please refer to the Oregon City School District’s Code of Conduct Handbook, which is available on the Oregon City School District web site, for more information regarding student discipline.


Dress Code:  Students at Redland Elementary are expected to dress in styles appropriate to their age which are not distracting or interfere with the learning environment of the school.  Specially, the following items are NOT allowed at school:

  1. Any item of clothing with spikes, studs or chains including wallet chains.
  2. Any article of clothing that advertises tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, or promotes illegal activity.
  3. Clothes with profane, inappropriate, or suggestive remarks.
  4. Shorts and skirts which are not at least finger-tip length.
  5. Tube tops, spaghetti straps, racer-backs, halter-tops, muscles shirts or other tops which expose the midriff.
  6. Sagging and/or excessive baggy pants are not to be worn.
  7. Any clothing that is disruptive, immodest, or related to gang activity, including bandanas.
  8. Hats are not to be worn in the building.
  9. Flip Flops are not permitted at school.  Open toed-shoes and sandals are discouraged due to possible injury.



Field Trips:  During the school year, classes may take field trips to extend students' learning about a topic of study aligned with the curriculum standards.  When a field trip is planned, teachers will send home specific information regarding the trip as well as a permission slip.  Parents will need to sign and return the permission slip before the child may go on the trip.  Families are asked to help pay for the cost of most field trips. Teachers will also notify parents if volunteer help is needed on the field trip.  You must be an approved volunteer to chaperone any field trip.  If you are a parent volunteer on a field trip, please be aware that bringing younger children is not allowed.


Home-School Communication:  A high priority is placed on effective communication between the school and home.  The school sends a weekly email newsletter to families; please be sure the office has your current email address.  Check your child's backpack often for important flyers from the school and the PTA.  Teachers will also send home additional information regarding their classroom or grade level.  We schedule parent-teacher conferences twice a year to help keep you informed of your child's academic progress.  Teachers will not wait until scheduled conference times to contact parents if a child is experiencing problems.  As soon as there is need for a conference, parents will be contacted.  We hope that parents will call or visit us when they have questions or concerns.  If you wish to contact your child's teacher for any reason, you may leave a message and they will return your call.  Many families find it most effective to email their child's teacher directly.



Homework:  Our homework expectations at Redland Elementary are based on current research that shows traditional homework is not effective at the elementary level.  Each student at Redland Elementary is expected to read nightly, as well as practice their math facts, and record their minutes on their At-Home Learning Log.  In lieu of homework, teachers will share an optional At-Home Learning Activity on the back of each week’s log.  Families are encouraged to complete these at home to better understand what their child is learning in school.  Our philosophy supports the importance of families having time for reading, physical play, and personal activities outside the school day.  If you would like more detailed information on our homework philosophy, please see our school website.   Click here if you would like more detailed information on our homework philosophy.


Immunizations:  All students attending Oregon Public Schools must provide proof of immunization.  If you have questions regarding this documentation, please contact the school office at 503.785.8500.


Library Books:  Students have the opportunity to check out books and other materials from the library weekly.  We appreciate your support in teaching your child to treat their library books with respect and to return them on time.  Families will be charged for lost or damaged library books.


Medication at School:  When students need to take medication at school, state law requires that the school follow certain procedures.  Please be aware of the following:

  • Medicine needs to be in the ORIGINAL CONTAINER.
  • Medicines MUST be brought to/from school BY THE PARENT.
  • A School Medication Card needs to be filled in and signed by the parent.  This form may be obtained in the school office.
  • This includes over-the-counter medicines such as cough drops, Neosporine, Tylenol, etc.

Oregon City School District nurse is Tina Moore, R.N.  Tina can be reached at 503.785.8371 from 7:30-3:30 Monday to Friday.


Personal Items at School:  Students are not to bring toys (e.g. Pokemon cards, barbies, balls, hot wheels, etc) or electronics (e.g. cell phones, iPods, DSs, etc.) to school.  If students choose to bring these items for use on the bus they must remain in their backpack at all times.  The school assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to personal items.  The lost and found is located in the cafeteria.  It is helpful if items are labeled for easy identification.  Unclaimed items are donated to the Oregon City Clothes Closet at various times throughout the school year.  Students are not allowed to ride bicycles or skateboards to school.  Narrow roads and fast moving traffic make this a dangerous practice.  Skateboarding and/or skateboards are not allowed on the school property or on the school bus.


Recess:  Recess is a valuable part of a child's school experience.  We strive to make our playground a positive, inclusive place by providing consistent rules and spaces for the games students play.  Should students experience problems during recess, staff on duty during recess can always be easily identified by their bright orange vests.  Losing recess is a last resort when students make poor choices at school.  Instead, school staff may limit the areas of the playground where a student can go for a period of time or provide opportunities for students to practice the rules before returning to a particular game.  Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather; we play rain or shine so that students can experience the physical and social benefits that recess can provide.


School Improvement Team (Site Council):  Redland's School Improvement Team is composed of classroom teachers, specialists, classified staff, parents, and the principal.  The team meets monthly or more often as needed.  The team sets priorities for school improvement and professional learning, monitors the effectiveness of the school’s instructional program, organizes Family Events, and oversees the implementation of grant monies.  Parents are welcome to join the School Improvement Team by contacting the school principal, Mrs. Albers.


Student Safety:  Student safety at school is a top priority for the staff at Redland Elementary.  We use several strategies to meet our goals for student safety, including:

  • requiring all visitors and volunteers to sign-in at the office and wear a badge whenever they are in the building;
  • requiring all volunteers to complete annual background checks;
  • locking all exterior doors (except the breezeways) during the school day;
  • requiring that changes to a student's transportation plan are communicated to the office and verified with a blue transportation note;
  • practicing safety drills each month, including a combination of fire, earthquake, and lock-down drills;
  • maintaining emergency supplies on site such as flashlights, tarps, first aid kits, water, etc.

The district follows the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) in the event of significant emergencies such as fire or earthquake.  Should a serious emergency occur, parents or guardians should plan to gather at St. Benezi Church and show I.D. in order to be reunited with their child.


Technology:  At Redland Elementary, students are provided many opportunities to use technology while learning and to demonstrate what they know.  Being a respectful, discerning digital citizen is an important component of 21st century learning.  At Redland we have one laptop carts, five chromebook carts, two iPad carts, and over 100 iPod Touches.  Students are expected to use these devices appropriately as tools for learning; students who do not use devices as assigned or who violate the acceptable use policy may be restricted from using school technology in the future.  Parents and families may wish to check out the online resources available to students through the resources section of our webpage.  We encourage families to have their children practice keyboarding skills regularly at home.


Use of Student Names & Photos:  Throughout the year students' names and photos are shared in a variety of ways (e.g. class lists, school and district websites, Facebook and social media pages, yearbook, etc.). If you prefer not to have your child's name or photo used in this way, please inform the school office in writing at the beginning of each school year. For additional information and the opt-out form visit www.ocsd62.org/student-sharing-opt-out


Volunteers:  We welcome volunteers at Redland Elementary School.  For the safety of students, Oregon City School District policy requires that all volunteers complete an annual background check prior to volunteering at school (including chaperoning field trips).  You can get a volunteer application in the school office or on-line at www.helpcounter.net/oregoncity.  Once you have been approved as a volunteer, please contact your child's teacher to determine how and when to volunteer.  All visitors to the building, including volunteers, must sign in at the office and where a badge while in the building.  Out of consideration for our learning environment younger siblings cannot come to school with the parent who is volunteering in the classroom or during special events.  Please note that any photos you take while volunteering at a school-sponsored event cannot be shared on social media.

Participating with the PTA or on the School Improvement Team are also great ways to support our school.  Contact the school office or check the website to learn the dates of these meetings.