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The links below contains important information about our school and our academic programs.  Visit this page for information from the Student Handbook.


After The Bell (Extended Day Child Care):  After-School child care is offered on-site daily from 2:20-6:00pm.  The program provides a snack, play time outdoors or in the gym, games, and a homework time.  The program is open to students in grades K-5.  Oregon City Community Schools runs this fee-based program.  Please contact them directly for registration questions at 503-785-8520 (7:30-4:30) or 503 785-8453 (2:00-6:00pm). 


English Language Development:  Have you heard of ELD?  Perhaps ELL, ESL or ESOL?  All these acronyms refer to our program designed to help English-learning students improve their skills in English in order to meet their grade-level standards in all academic subjects.  We have two ELD teachers and two ELD instructional assistants at our school working to help our students in all grades to understand the complexities of the very tricky English language.  We love teaching your amazing children, and we'd love to get to know their families better.  We hope you will stop in to room 15 to say hello, in any language!


Field Trips:  During the school year, classes may take field trips to extend students' learning about a topic of study aligned with the curriculum standards.  When a field trip is planned, teachers will send home specific information regarding the trip as well as a permission slip.  Parents will need to sign and return the permission slip before the child may go on the trip.  Families are asked to help pay for the cost of most field trips. Teachers will also notify parents if volunteer help is needed on the field trip.  You must be an approved volunteer to chaperone any field trip.  If you are a parent volunteer on a field trip, please be aware that bringing younger children is not allowed.


Home-School Communication:  A high priority is placed on effective communication between the school and home.  The school sends a weekly email newsletter to families; please be sure the office has your current email address.  Check your child's backpack often for important flyers from the school and the PTA.  Teachers will also send home additional information regarding their classroom or grade level.  We schedule parent-teacher conferences twice a year to help keep you informed of your child's academic progress.  Teachers will not wait until scheduled conference times to contact parents if a child is experiencing problems.  As soon as there is need for a conference, parents will be contacted.  We hope that parents will call or visit us when they have questions or concerns.  If you wish to contact your child's teacher for any reason, you may leave a message and they will return your call.  Many families find it most effective to email their child's teacher directly.  You can see the list of staff email addresses here.         

Homework:  Our homework expectations at Redland Elementary are based on current research that shows traditional homework is not effective at the elementary level.  Each student at Redland Elementary is expected to read nightly, as well as practice their math facts, and record their minutes on their At-Home Learning Log.  In lieu of homework, teachers will share an optional At-Home Learning Activity on the back of each week’s log.  Families are encouraged to complete these at home to better understand what their child is learning in school.  Our philosophy supports the importance of families having time for reading, physical play, and personal activities outside the school day.  See attachement below if you would like more detailed information on our homework philosophy. 

PBiS & Student Behavior:  Students in Oregon City School District are expected to follow three rules:
  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible

All specific behavior expectations are an extension of those three basic rules and are explicitly taught to students.  Students receive "Pawsitives" to acknowledge desirable behaviors.  Students are recognized in their classroom and school-wide with our weekly Wonderful Wildcat Wednesday drawing.  

At Redland Elementary School we want students to take responsibility for their behaviors and learn how their choices impact their learning or the learning of others.  We use a strategy called REFOCUS to help accomplish this goal.  When a student’s behavior is interrupting teaching or learning in their classroom, a staff member will use positive language to prompt him/her to correct the behavior.  If the student does not correct the behavior, he/she will be asked to REFOCUS.  This means that the student will complete a form to reflect on their behavior and make a positive plan for the future before returning to the group.  Meanwhile, learning continues for everyone else.  It is important to know that going to REFOCUS does NOT mean the student is in trouble.  REFOCUS is not punitive.  All students are learning and growing; at Redland Elementary we provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their decisions and create a plan for next time.  Minor problems may result in a loss of privileges or the need to apologize to another student.  Parents will be informed when students have significant behavior problems which need to be addressed. 


Proficiency-Based Reporting:  Oregon City School District uses proficiency-based reporting to communicate with parents regarding their students' academic progress.  In lieu of traditional letter grades, which communicate how many points a student has earned, proficiency-based grades communicate how close a student is to meeting the academic content standards.  The subject areas of reading, writing, and mathematics are broken down into specific skills so that parents have more information regarding their child's strengths and areas in need of improvement.  Sample report cards and additional information on proficiency-based grading can be found HERE on the OCSD website.


Recess:  Recess is a valuable part of a child's school experience.  We strive to make our playground a positive, inclusive place by providing consistent rules and spaces for the games students play.  Should students experience problems during recess, staff on duty during recess can always be easily identified by their bright orange vests.  Losing recess is a last resort when students make poor choices at school.  Instead, school staff may limit the areas of the playground where a student can go for a period of time or provide opportunities for students to practice the rules before returning to a particular game.  Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather; we play rain or shine so that students can experience the physical and social benefits that recess can provide.


School Improvement Team (Site Council):  Redland's School Improvement Team is composed of classroom teachers, specialists, classified staff, parents, and the principal.  The team meets monthly or more often as needed.  The team sets priorities for school improvement and professional learning, monitors the effectiveness of the school’s instructional program, organizes Family Events, and oversees the implementation of grant monies.  Parents are welcome to join the School Improvement Team by contacting the school principal, Mrs. Beck.   


Student Handbook:  Important information from the student handbook can be found here.


Student Safety:  Student safety at school is a top priority for the staff at Redland Elementary.  We use several strategies to meet our goals for student safety, including:

  • requiring all visitors and volunteers to sign-in at the office and wear a badge whenever they are in the building;
  • requiring all volunteers to complete annual background checks;
  • locking all exterior doors (except the breezeways) during the school day;
  • requiring that changes to a student's transportation plan are communicated to the office and verified with a blue transportation note;
  • practicing safety drills each month, including a combination of fire, earthquake, and lock-down drills;
  • maintaining emergency supplies on site such as flashlights, tarps, first aid kits, water, etc.

The district follows the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) in the event of significant emergencies such as fire or earthquake.  Should a serious emergency occur, parents or guardians should plan to gather at St. Benezi Church and show I.D. in order to be reunited with their child.


Technology:  At Redland Elementary, students are provided many opportunities to use technology while learning and to demonstrate what they know.  Being a respectful, discerning digital citizen is an important component of 21st century learning.  At Redland we have one laptop cart, five chromebook carts, two iPad carts, and over 100 iPod Touches.  Students are expected to use these devices appropriately as tools for learning; students who do not use devices as assigned or who violate the acceptable use policy may be restricted from using school technology in the future.  Parents and families may wish to check out the online resources available to students through the resources section of our webpage.  We encourage families to have their children practice keyboarding skills regularly at home.


Walk-to-Read:  We use Read Well materials to support students as they learn to read in grades K-2.  As part of this program students practice reading skills in small groups for 30 min each day.  Every student at each grade level participates in these groups at the same time, often walking to another classroom to receive reading instruction targeted specifically to their academic needs.  Because students can make big gains in their reading level in a short amount of time, students are frequently reassessed and assigned to new groups so they can make as much progress as possible over the course of the year.